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Born in 1943 in Paris, Yves Garandel starts drawing and painting as a child. His grades at school are excellent. He first exhibits at the age of 12 at the Collonges les Bévy school in Burgundy.

A self-taught painter, he attends the courses at “La Chaumière” school in Paris for two years, then those at the Belle-Feuile school in Paris for two more years.

While on business trips as a house-painter for the company he works for, he spends his week-ends and evenings painting. This is how he will develop a taste for travels.

He settles down in Calais in 1974 and meets with a group of painters such as R.Geneau , J.Declercq , Van Steylan , P.Bonin and F.Seys, and with Lhotelier, a master glazier.

They paint and exhibit jointly at the “Maison de la Culture” in Calais. There occurs a pictorial epiphany.

Encouraged by his colleague friends, he starts showing at regional, national and international exhibitions.

At first, his style is figurative, poetic and fantastic, with plants illustrations, sea beds and moon landscapes. By 1980 comes his cubist-naïve period with the “Coyottes” and the “Cités” series. In the 1990s, his style turns to Expressionism, Figurative and Abstract.

In 1993 he moves to the Reunion Island to paint nature, so rich with colours there. The painter gets his inspiration from the island’s pervading heat. In 1994 he is back to France to show his creations.

Then he spends a few years painting in Cuba, Mexico, Cape Verde, the Canary Islands, Spain, Greece and Senegal. When coming back home, his eyes are filled with light, colours and heat.

He currently still goes to paint all these countries and dreams of travels to be.

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